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Flying Robots

Flying Robots info

Flying robots move around with their wings, rotors or balloons in the air. The flying robots category consists of quadcopters, hexacopters, wing flapping robots and robotic aircrafts.

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Classifying flying robots in terms of their flying methods may give more detail. According to that classification, flying robot types can be listed as shown below.

  • Air balloon robots
  • Robots with rotary wings
  • Wing flapping robots
  • Robotic planes

Air balloon robots are robots that use their balloons to fly in the air. These robots use different actuator for adjusting their orientation. Air Ray and Air Balloon are good implementations of Air balloon robots that are created by FESTO.

Robots with rotary wings are flying robots that use their rotors to fly. They are generally controlled via a controller by the user, but these robots have autonomous examples. These robots are classified in terms of their rotor count. Quadcopters have four rotors, hexacopters have six rotors, etc..

Wing flapping robots fly by flapping their wings like birds and insects. Their designs are inspired by their biological counterparts.

Robotic planes fly by their fixed wings and motors. Unmanned aerial vehicles which are used for military purposes are robots of this kind. Besides military purposes, hobbyists also show interest in these robots.

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