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Robot Arms and Grippers are used to define stationary robots. In robot arms and grippers category robotic arms, robot grippers and cartesian robots are listed. Robotic arm systems consist of a robotic arm used for creating motion to control the position and orientation of the end effector and and end effector to manipulate its environment. Remaining systems are used for supplying these two main systems.

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The robotic arm that controls the motion can work in a Cartesian coordinate or can work in a custom kinematic chain. A robotic arm that works in a Cartesian coordinate system is called a Cartesian robot and arms that have their custom kinematic chains are just called a Robotic arm. Cartesian systems are simpler compared to robot arm systems and their kinematic calculations for positioning the tool are easier, but to control the orientation of the end effector these systems need extra axes. Robotic arm systems have more complex kinematic calculations, but both position and orientation controls are easier in these robots.

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