Robot is a vague term. There are lots of different machines that can be called a robot. You can find many different products which can be called robots at Robotpark and we need to categorize them. The robot categories are:

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  • Robot Arms & Grippers
  • Wheeled Robots
  • Legged Robots
  • Flying Robots
  • Robot Kits
  • Robot Platform
  • Robot Toys
  • Robot Education

The products that are actually robots are categorized mainly based on their locomotion methods. You can find stationary robots such as Robot Arms and Cartesian Robots in Robot Arms & Grippers category. After the stationary robots, come the mobile robots. There is not a distinct category called “Mobile Robots”, but they are categorized depending on their locomotion methods. These robot categories are: Wheeled Robots, Legged Robots and Flying Robots. The category names are self-explanatory, as you can see.

Besides the categories that are consisting of products that are actually robots, there are categories that are listing products that are not actually robots, but have their place in the robotic literature. These categories and their brief explanations are given below.

  • Robot Kits: Sets those are consisting of products, components and sometimes tools used to create a specific robot type or custom robots.
  • Robot Platform: The products listed here belong to a robotic platform that is exclusively suitable for other products in the same platform.
  • Robot Toys: Simple robotic products that are aiming at children. The purpose of these products is mainly entertainment and education.
  • Robot Education: The products in this category are aiming at starters. There are products like books or educational kits in this category.


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Descriptions:Cool while seeing some robot car wandering around? It is very easy. With a car..
87,23TL Ex Tax: 73,92TL
37 in 1 Box Sensor Kit is a kit which consists of 37 different sensor modules. The sensor modules in..
203,53TL Ex Tax: 172,48TL
Descriptions:Cool while seeing some robot car wandering around? It is very easy. With a car..
116,30TL Ex Tax: 98,56TL
Set contents:Multifunctional bracket 8 pieces Tilt-shaped elbow 2 pieces Short U-shaped e..
1.090,32TL Ex Tax: 924,00TL
Arduino Advanced Starter Kit is great choice for the robot hobbyists that want to get into Arduino p..
399,78TL Ex Tax: 338,80TL
Arduino Starter Kit is great choice for the robot hobbyists that want to get into Arduino platf..
123,57TL Ex Tax: 104,72TL
ARMBOT Arduino Robot Arm Kit New
ARMBOT Robot Arm Kit, using arduino nano programming card. four separate gearbox servo motors. You c..
610,58TL Ex Tax: 517,44TL
Line Follower Robot Kit New
Apply for Project Assignments and Robot Competitions The robot program is provided free of char..
327,10TL Ex Tax: 277,20TL
Mini Sumo Robot Kit New
Our Robot Kit works with 9 Volt batteries (9V battery not included in the kit contents) You can max..
545,16TL Ex Tax: 462,00TL
Object Avoiding Robot New
It is a type of robot that operates in different modes (Obstacle escape and follow mode) according t..
268,95TL Ex Tax: 227,92TL
Object Avoiding Robot - Prex New
The robot program is provided free of charge Our robots are being shipped in demounted parts Requi..
327,10TL Ex Tax: 277,20TL
Set contents:Multifunctional Brackett 12 Tilt-shaped elbow 2 pieces Short U-shaped elbow ..
1.599,14TL Ex Tax: 1.355,20TL
2.035,26TL Ex Tax: 1.724,80TL
Set contents:16 x Multifunctional servo bracket 7 x Short U type servo support 4 x Long U..
2.253,33TL Ex Tax: 1.909,60TL
Set contents:Alloy Mechanical Gripper (CL-1) 2 pieces Servo Motor Number 16 pieces (MG996R)..
2.471,39TL Ex Tax: 2.094,40TL
Technicial Specifications:Operating voltage: 12 V Rotation speed: 5000 rpm Idle current: ..
116,30TL Ex Tax: 98,56TL