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Wireless Communication

Wireless Communication info

Wireless communication can be defined as data transfer between two or more points that don’t have a conductive material in between. Wireless communication tools are important for robots. Wireless communication is especially important for mobile robots because they change position frequently and using them tethered is not possible. In wireless communication category, Wi-Fi modules, xBee modules, Bluetooth modules, RF modules and GPS modules are listed.

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Most common wireless communication technologies use radio frequency. Radio waves can travel great distances. For that reason RF signals are commonly used in robotics. Wi-Fi modules that provide wireless communication for robotics and electronics projects started gaining high interest with the introduction of open source electronics development platform Arduino and internet of things (IoT) concept.

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Hc05 Arduino Bluetooth ModülÖzelleştirme: Evet Güç: Düşük Güç Marka Adı: DSD Frekans: Y..
36,05TL Ex Tax: 30,55TL
HC05 Bluetooth ModülNC-OS modülü şeffaf kablosuz seri bağlantı kurulumu için tasarlanmış kullanı..
43,61TL Ex Tax: 36,96TL
Herhangi bir USB Bluetooth adaptörü ile çalışır. Varsayılan Baud Hızı: 9600,8,1, n. Dahili an..
40,05TL Ex Tax: 33,94TL
Kablosuz alıcı-vericisiDuyarlılık (Bit hata oranı) -80dBm'ye ulaşabilir. Çıkış gücünün deği..
43,61TL Ex Tax: 36,96TL
RC522 RFID Reader 13.56 MhzThe RC522 RFID card is a small size card with low power consumption t..
20,35TL Ex Tax: 17,25TL
This product contains a pair of 433Mhz RF Transmitter and Receiver link kit for Arduino/ARM/MCU WL. ..
14,54TL Ex Tax: 12,32TL
It can be used with Arduino and other microcontroller platforms. It is a wireless communication modu..
58,15TL Ex Tax: 49,28TL
Features:Bluetooth Protocol: Bluetooth 4.0 2.4GHz communication frequency Sensitivity: ≤-..
43,61TL Ex Tax: 36,96TL
The CC2541 is a handy product that supports the Bluetooth 4.0 protocol with low energy consumption a..
72,69TL Ex Tax: 61,60TL
The EMW3165 is a WiFi module consisting of a low-power wireless network adapter and a STM32F411CE mi..
94,49TL Ex Tax: 80,08TL
The ESP-12F is the SMD version of the popular ESP8266 WiFi module designed for use in embedded proje..
36,34TL Ex Tax: 30,80TL
ESP-WROOM-32 Module Supported by Espressif's most advanced SoCs, the ESP-WROOM-32 features high per..
79,96TL Ex Tax: 67,76TL
ESP-32S Module - Wifi and BluetoothESP32, integrated antenna and RF headphone, power amplifie..
94,49TL Ex Tax: 80,08TL
The ESP8266 Wifi Serial Transceiver Module is a very economical and convenient Wifi module. It suppo..
29,08TL Ex Tax: 24,64TL
Features:802.11 b / g / n support Wi-Fi Direct (P2P) Support Internal TCP / IP protocol s..
29,08TL Ex Tax: 24,64TL
ESP8266-04, Wifi Serial Transceiver Module, which has the same features as the ESP8266 and does not ..
36,34TL Ex Tax: 30,80TL
The ESP8266-07, Wifi Serial Transceiver Module, which has the same features as the ESP8266 and can b..
29,08TL Ex Tax: 24,64TL
The SMD BLE module contains the TI CC2541 chip. It is low cost and has very low power consumption. I..
50,88TL Ex Tax: 43,12TL
This BLE module in SMD form uses the TI cc2541 integration. It is a low cost modular module with low..
50,88TL Ex Tax: 43,12TL
Compatible with M-10 and HM-12 Bluetooth 4.1 / BLE supported mod.Features:Bluetooth SPP s..
72,69TL Ex Tax: 61,60TL