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Robotpark Global

Parrot Jumping Sumo Robot is an acrobatic wheeled robot which is able to roll, rush, zig-zag and jum..

Wherop 4x4 Mobile Robot Platform SV2 Dimentions*All units are mm. ..

Robotpark MF-70 CNC Kit is a kit produced by Robotpark to convert manual micro milling machine ..
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The 3D Printing Pen works by heating up the plastic filament and pushing it through the nozzle at th..

The MicroRax Prototyping System (Combo Kit) includes plenty of mini t-slot extrusions and enough bra..

Mecanum Wheel Robot Kit New
 Kit Contains 1)4 Pcs of 60 mm Mecanum Wheel,2) 4 Units 12V, 320RPM Gearmo..

JS5230 Silicone Wheel (51x30mm) - 2 Pieces New
These wheels are made of the best quality handmade. For the sumo robot projects in wood dohy (n..

Object Avoiding Robot New
It is a type of robot that operates in different modes (Obstacle escape and follow mode) according t..

Object Avoiding Robot - Prex New
The robot program is provided free of charge Our robots are being shipped in demounted parts Requi..

Mini Sumo Robot Kit New
Our Robot Kit works with 9 Volt batteries (9V battery not included in the kit contents) You can max..

Line Follower Robot Kit New
Apply for Project Assignments and Robot Competitions The robot program is provided free of char..

ARMBOT Arduino Robot Arm Kit New
ARMBOT Robot Arm Kit, using arduino nano programming card. four separate gearbox servo motors. You c..

Grove - EMG Detector New
EMG detector is a bridge connects human body and electrical, the sensor gathers small muscle signal ..

You can control your projects with the keypad.Features:Connector: 8 pins ( Pitch 2.54mm )..

You can control your projects with the keypad.Features:7 pins connector Fit for SCM per..

The 4-line sensor set is equipped with 4 infrared transceiver modules on its own, and with the help ..

The TCRT5000 is an infrared sensor that can be used in many robotics and electronic projects, includ..